Ranking event format and conditions for participation

Format of play

  • Event will be played in single elminiation format
  • Best of 7 frames
  • "3 snooker rule" ("snooker" situation can be reapeted maximum 3 times)
  • Couples are drawn 2 days before tournament. List of competitors will be publiced (under "news" and social media - Facebook) 1 day before tournament. Event 1st round couples will be publiced 15 minutes before 1st round games.
  • Event startlist has no rankings - all participants will be "drawn from the same bag"
  • Final standing in each event gets a certain number of ranking points. After 8th. ranking event tournament player ranking points are summed. Rating points compiled a summary table.
  • To qualify the Grand final competitor must participate in at least 3 ranking tournaments (including the champion)
  • Estonian Champion 2014 and top 15 players of the Summary Table are qualified for Grand Final. Estonian Champion 2014 and top 7 players of the Summary Table gets rankings to Grand Final draw.
  • Tournament referee is Toomas Tartes

Conditions for participation

  • Entry Fee for ranking event is 25 EUR
  • Enry fee must be payed to referee at least 20 min before players 1st game
  • player pre-registration must be done no later that Wednesday before the tournament at 7.00 p.m. Pre-registration can be done  by sending an Email to registreerimine@snooker.ee wich includes "competition name, competition date, player name, player mobile number". NB! Pre-registration is accompanied by the entry fee payment obligation.
  • Player must have paid an annual fee 15 EUR to Estonian Snooker Federation bank account no later that 15th of October 2014. (MTÜ Eesti Snookeri Föderatsioon, IBAN 332119240005 Sampo bank - Explanation, "2014 annual fee, player name"). NB! If a player participates in the tournament for the first time, the annual fee can be paid just before the tournament.
  • The competitor must be sober.
  • Competitors must be registered with their presence at the referee no later than 25 min. before the start of their game.
  • Competitor attire must be at least the following:

       - Dark polite / respectable monochromatic pants (jeans are not allowed)

       - dress shoes

       - Monochrome buttoned blouse or polo shirt buttoned